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    The app for climbing in gyms

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For climbers

Climbo lets you find gyms near you and see all their information, set routes and attributes. If you wish so, you can give feedback on these routes and keep track of your climbing.

Gym explorer

Find gyms on the map

Route catalog

List set routes and track your progress

Route feedback

Give feedback and rate set routes

Code scanning

Easily view route info with your phone camera


Get notified when new routes are set and for important gym announcements


Track your climbing progress

Climbing progress

View which of the set routes you have pending to climb

Exploring gyms, checking in one, and climbing in it with Climbo

Find a gym near you

Check in it

Browse the routes you are interested in and start climbing!

Rate the routes and give your opinion

Track your climbing stats

Receive relevant gym notifications and get informed when new routes are set

For gyms

Climbo adds value to your gym by showing all your information and set routes to the climbers. They will be notified when new routes are set so that they know when to come for fresh routes!

Additionally, you will be able to have a global view of your current set routes, and adjust your climbers' needs based on their feedback and stats

Simple route setting

Setting routes with Climbo has been designed to remove any extra hassle for the setter

Route overview

Have an overall view of the currently set routes

Code scans

Optionally tag your routes with a QR code to improve the experience

Efficient route tags

No need to print tags every time you set a route

Your grading system

Use your gym's grading system, no need to change it!

Notify climbers

Let your climbers be notified with new set routes and announcements

Route feedback

Take decisions based on climbers' feedback


View route setting and climbing stats

Setting a route

Set an awesome route as you would usually do

Select a difficulty from your gym's grading system and, if needed, the route type

Optionally enhance the route description with more information

Put a Climbo tag on the route, or write the new route number on your own tags

To unset a route, do it directly from the list, or search/scan it and unset it


Developing and improving the apps take us quite the effort! Additionally, we have to pay for the running costs (servers, licenses, etc)

We believe that charging for the quote the gym charges a climber is a fair way to adapt to the gym's capabilities. Think of it as having one of your climbers contribution transformed into all the added value Climbo offers your gym!


Monthly fee: The same as your gym's monthly subscription (plus taxes)

Free gyms (climbing spaces, self-managed gyms, schools...) obviously get Climbo for free!

Trial available

Still not convinced? Contact us, we offer custom plans

Get the app

Choose your platform and start using Climbo right away!

About us

We are three friends located in Barcelona working together in a startup from the digital health sector. However, we are hungry for new and amazing projects that fit in today's world, so feel free to contact us for any professional requests. Needles to say, climbing and mountain lovers.

Roger Hernandez

Full-stack and iOS developer

Rubén Hervás

Sysadmin and Android developer

Guillem Rodríguez

Graphic and UI designer


Contact us for anything - we will gladly reply within the day.
Information about the app, feedback you want to submit, features you would like to see, help setting your gym up, etc.